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Humans have a great tenacity to rise from the ashes. Time and again we have proven so. Every single moment of success attained by our students propels us to keep moving forward. The staff of the Vidyalaya is working harder than ever to ensure that every child is cared for. Nobody can deny our children their shot at glory. Their destiny is theirs for the taking and we teachers are like bridges patiently waiting for them to cross over to a world full of challenges. The students who pass out from Kendriya Vidyalaya Tura will no doubt excel in all the fields they set their eyes on. They will be equipped with a wide array of skills and have the acumen to find solutions to the toughest of life’s puzzles. We are grateful to the support shown by the parents by giving us the opportunity to be a part of the lives of these wonderful kids.

The Father of our Nation once said “Be the Change you want to be.” Let us all arise and put in our best efforts to change what needs to be changed and leave no stone unturned in transforming our lives. Let us stop pointing fingers at each other and pool in our efforts. Let us not hurt each other but communicate better to find ways to make our lives and those of others around us better. I call upon my students, their guardians, my colleagues and the wonderful people of Tura to join hands in our journey seeking wisdom and happiness.








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