Common Minimum Programme


Initiative (Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative)

Classes &Subjects

Learning objectiveInitially envisaged

Learning objectiveRealized or not

Name of theTeacherIn chargedAlong withdesignation



Linked with moral

Values and creativity

Film Show

( I to V )

Develop moral values

And refresh the mind of the children

They could also able to understand the moral values of the film

All the class teachers ( I to V )


Linked with CCA

Organized Rakhi making & Card making Competition

To create a creative ideas in the student

To give them creativity gateway

All the class teachers ( I to V )


Linked with sub EVS

And Hindi


Appreciated the beauty of the poem

They could realized and understand the same

All the class teachers ( I to V )


Community Lunch


I to V

Sharing brotherhood, equality

Student participated with great enthusiasm

All the students & teachers of Primary & Secondary



Bosch dish washers
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